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Elisa graduated as a health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and got certified in Nutrition and Healthy Living at Cornell University to pursue her mission to create consciousness around health and well-being.

She discovered that there are healthy products that contain natural ingredients but are heavy on calories, and “fit” products that contain a lot of chemicals but are low on calories. However, there are no products that combine the best of both worlds, therefore she began to create conscious snacks based on the philosophy of using real ingredients and maintaining the correct portions.

Creating Conscious Food

Let’s define conscious food: It is food made from organic ingredients that maintain the right portions. People don’t realize that healthy food can actually be counterproductive in reaching their health goals when they consume it in unbal-anced portions. They also don’t realize that “fit food” with “low calories” and “no sugar” use harmful chemicals as substitutes to justify these claims. The chemic-als found in “fit” food can actually be very dangerous. People think that sugar substitutes may prevent a sugar addiction, however, these substitutes are harmful chemicals that are equally as addictive and far more dangerous than natural sugar.


We believe that a happy life starts from the inside. That’s why we want to take you on a journey that will bring you back to your roots by helping you discover a happier and healthier lifestyle through real, natural ingredients.

Our mission is to bring consciousness around this new subject, and to help you discover your own perfect balance so that you can reach all of your health goals.

Healthy Body, Happy Life

We want to show you that taking care of yourself is an enlightening and enjoyable experience that will bring you happiness. Eating healthy doesn’t mean endless sacrifices and restrictions. On the contrary, it means being mindful, healing yourself from within, and discovering a happy lifestyle.

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